Letting Your Little Ones Decorate Their Rooms However They Want

Posted by Waldorf on March 9, 2018

Decorate Their Rooms

Children are naturally creative – just take a look at LegoWays to see some examples of what they get up to when given the

opportunity and some appropriate tools. It’s up to each parent to nurture this creativity by allowing them the space to exercise it.

One of the best ways to do this is to allow them to decorate their own rooms. This costs very little and allows them to take their daily environment into their own

hands. Can you imagine the joy they’ll feel at being able to turn their walls into whatever they can conceive of?

Designate a Drawing Wall

Based on your previous experiences, you might well think that any kind of house painting has to be a messy, time-consuming chore. Actually, if you’re prepared and have all the necessary materials to hand, it can take less than twenty minutes to give your

kids a brand-new canvas to practice on.

Crayons work well in this context, although older children can be trusted with paint as well. Drawing on the walls, whether it’s an attempt to recreate a cartoon

character or whatever else, gives them the opportunity to create

something permanent, which can easily be erased if they’re not satisfied. Alternatively, an untextured wall can be covered in blackboard paint for having fun every


Photographic Memories

Galvanized sheet metal is quite cheap and can easily be cut to any desired size. Mounting a piece to a wall provides you with an instant magnetic board that can be

used to display drawings, photographs and other mementos.

With almost everyone nowadays having access to a smartphone, it’s easy to forget that photos of important moments, printed out and displayed prominently, are far more

valuable than anything displayed on a screen. Letting your kids organize their own memories in this way is a kind of journaling that children of any age can enjoy.

Making Furniture Your Own

Cabinets, beds and other items can often be found very cheaply at flea markets or online. What stops many people from saving money in this way is the lingering

impression that second-hand furniture will always be someone else’s stuff. All that’s needed to welcome these bargains into the family, however, can be a coat of

paint, a stencil or two and perhaps some glitter.

Letting your kids choose the color and make their own suggestions about what Mr Closet should look like can be the start of a very entertaining afternoon. Although

best done outdoors, a variety of painting techniques can make even the most banged-up piece of furniture seem unique and special.

Use the Ceiling

When it comes to decorating, using the vertical dimension is just as important as color and space. Although most plaster ceilings can’t support too much weight, it’s

not difficult to use thumbtacks or butterfly nuts to suspend decorations, souvenirs or toys in an area that is often overlooked.

Draping fabric from the ceiling is a fantastic yet

inexpensive way to break up rectangular lines, improve acoustics and soften the general feel of a bedroom. A trip to a haberdashery might not be every pre-teen’s

dream, but letting them choose their bedroom decoration lets them know that they’re in control of at least some aspects of their life – a source of great confidence

for many children.