Seven Things To Do During the Winter Season

Posted by Waldorf on April 13, 2016

Long weekends, super cold weather and it can even be scary outdoors. Winter is probably one of the most beautiful seasons all year, especially when it snows, but it can get pretty boring too especially if you’re stuck indoors. However, you’re not a hibernating bear that wouldn’t go out all season long. A week has seven days to be filled and there’s a ton of things you can do.
Here are seven things we came up with but there are probably hundreds more!

1. Have fun outdoors.

It’s the only time of the year when you can play snowball fight with your friends or build a snowman. You can pretend to be Elsa while your sister acts as Anna as you stumble along the snowy outdoors.

2. Enjoy winter sports.

Ice skating, skiing and hockey are only a few popular winter sports you can enjoy. Playing sports is good especially this time of the year because it will just be too cold if you sit down doing nothing.

3. Have a cup of warm tea, chocolate or coffee.

Warm tea, chocolate and coffee never taste or feel as good as it is during the winter soon. Make some enough for all your family and friends and enjoy a few cups as you bond over fun and exciting stories while keeping warm in front of the fireplace.

4. Bring out your fabulous winter clothes.

Your faux fur coat can now leave the closet because you have all the great reasons in the world to wear it. Bring out your jackets, scarves and other fabulous winter clothing. Mix and match and look as glamorous as you want to be this beautiful season.

5. Clean the driveway.

Husqvarna 208cc Electric Start Snow ThrowerKeep your driveway, roof, walkways and the entire exterior of your house clean. While it will probably be dangerous to clean the snow on the roof, you have to check this every once in a while to ensure that your home’s structure remains stable. Use your own, rent out or look for a snow blower at SnowShifts,so you can easily remove the snow from your driveway. Snow on walkways and driveway will stop you from easily driving your car out especially if you have to leave in case of an emergency. You might also slip on icy pavements if you don’t keep it clean.

6. Donate to the homeless.

Winter is the most difficult season for the homeless. It is cold outside and they have no place to sleep or probably don’t have a warm enough blanket to make them last through the night. Prepare your old blankets and the winter clothes you have that you no longer wear and donate it to charity. What you’re not using will be a blessing to someone else.

7. Watch movie or TV series marathons.

Stay indoors and enjoy hours of movie and TV series marathons. It’s time to catch up on all the episodes of The Walking Dead you may missed or you may also want to re-watch and relive the awesomeness of all Star Wars movies!