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9 Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations You Can Use in Your Home

Posted by Waldorf on February 3, 2017 (Comments Closed)


While Christmas is one of the most festive holidays it also tends to be quite wasteful, and most of its waste is in paper and plastic form as are most Christmas decorations. However, it is possible to have a green and cheaper Christmas by not only practicing eco-friendly waste management activities but also using eco-friendly Christmas decorations. Therefore, turn your back on plastic wreaths and decorations and instead go all green for the green holidays using the following eco-friendly decorations.

1. DIY Christmas Wreaths

Instead of buying a plastic wreath that will almost definitely be a problem to dispose of, get your hands dirty and make a wreath using evergreen branches and foliage, pine cones and pine branches and tie them using a wire or yarn then decorate using ribbons. This will not only look wonderful in your home but also, smell great and woodsy! In the absence of evergreen trees, you can make a wreath using scraps of clothing materials that are not in use. These can also make up part of the Christmas tree ornaments.

2. Reuse Old Napkins and Sundries from Christmases Past

Use holiday dishes, glassware and cloth napkins that cannot be disposed of unlike paper napkins and placemats. Also, reuse last year’s wrapping and use it to decorate this year’s Christmas.

3. LED Lighting Fixtures

They not only withstand all kinds of weather but are also, durable and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

4. Make Donations

Donate the decorations you don’t need and only use enough while reusing and recycling the rest in order to reduce waste – you can make a family’s Christmas complete by sending them your old Christmas decorations.

5. Get Crafty

Rather than spend a huge chunk of money buying all your gifts, buy only a few and make the rest. Handcrafted gifts are not only unique but also personal which makes them much more meaningful.

6. Get Creative with Your Gift Wrapping

Instead of buying elaborate wrapping paper, reuse other forms of wrapping such as old newspaper creatively such that your gifts still look elegant. You can also add an ornament or cut out a previous year’s greeting card and use it as a gift tag. Or grab a stylus and draw personalized gift wraps on your computer for print out. Don’t have a stylus? Reviews may help!

7. Don’t Waste Money on Scented Candles

Why burn scented candles when you can use herbs instead. To scent your home for Christmas, you can tie cinnamon sticks around a normal candle, or tie packets of herbs such as thyme and lavender in porous cloth bundles and leave them around the house.

8. Sustainable (and Edible) Christmas Decorations

Colorful display can also be made from cranberries, pine cones and evergreen twigs or nuts.

9. Consider Investing in a Good Artificial Christmas Tree

Rather than cut down a live tree with each festive season, get an artificial tree and use it as many years as you possibly can.

We hope you found our 9 tips useful!

Ten Simple Things You Should Start Teaching Your Child

Posted by Waldorf on July 27, 2016 (Comments Closed)

Before this post even begins, it is important to say that parents should always be a role model for their children. You can only teach your kids so much but you have to set an example. There are many things you can start teaching your child, but most of the time, you are unconsciously teaching them as they imitate what you do. You can always tell your child that curse words are bad but if you curse, then they will learn how to course. You can tell your child that wasting food is a bad thing but if you don’t finish your own food, they will not believe you. Tell your child that fighting is wrong but if you fight with your husband or wife, then fighting will look okay to your child.

With all those being said, a small child can indeed be taught so many things. As a parent, the things you need to teach will probably come naturally and you probably already know most of them. However, if you feel like your child is too young, and by small child we mean 2 to 4 years old or a bit older, it is best to believe that he or she is not. Try him. Start early. Kids these days are smart and they will be able to absorb what you’re teaching them. If you start them young, the things you teach them becomes second to nature to them and they’ll bring this with them until they grow up. Here are some examples you can check out.

1. Good manners.

Good manners will always be number 1. You can expect the school teacher to teach your child how to count, say the ABC’s, write, etc. but good manners start at home.

2. Always listen to Mom and Dad.

Mom is the boss. Dad is the boss. Mom and Dad will not do anything that’s not good for you. These are things you should tell your child. Never allow your child to talk back. Though it’s good to be open and to listen to your child when he has something to say and you have to encourage too, ultimately, Mom and Dad have the last say.

3. Being a crybaby is not a good thing.

It’s okay to cry but it’s not okay to be a crybaby.

4. There’s no use in crying over spilled milk.

What’s done is done. No need to cry if there’s nothing you can do about it anymore.

5. Do not waste water.

Kitchen Faucet ReviewsTurn off the kitchen faucet when you’re not using it. There are also watersaving faucets or motion faucets as we found at Faucet Assistant, which can save you water as well. Don’t take forever under the shower. Use a cup or glass when brushing your teeth.

6. Do not waste power.

Same as water, don’t waste electricity. The TV should be turned off when not in use. Stay in one room if you need air-conditioning or heating.

7. Clean up your own mess.

Clean as you go. Teach your child how to clean up after his own mess.

8. Small and easy chores.

Small and easy chores such as setting the table or keeping his play area clean can be done by a small child.

9. Baby talking is not okay.

Even if your child is still a toddler, talk to him or her straight. Don’t baby talk to him because he will imitate that.

10. Always be kind.

The most important thing of all, teach your child to be kind. If your child is kind, everything else falls into place.

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