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The 5 Unforgivable Things You Should Not Do on a First Date

Posted by Waldorf on March 17, 2016 (Comments Closed)

It is safe to admit that nowadays, it is quite easy to find and go on a date. Unlike in the past when it takes much to muster up the courage to ask someone out in person or even through a letter, technology made it easy by making it as simple as pressing the send button on an SMS, an email or a social media message. Dating sites make it a whole lot easier too. With that being said, it is true that today, finding a date and going out a first date with someone is indeed easy. What’s challenging though is how you can win that second, third and fourth date and so on.

So you can have more chances to get another date with a person you’re going out with the first time, you should watch what you do on the first date. It’s not like you’re not allowed to be yourself and act naturally because this is still the best way to go – and if he or she doesn’t like it, that’s his/her problem and not yours. It’s always easy to get another date anyway until you find the person that’s meant for you. However, if the person you’re going out with is someone you are deeply attracted to and you don’t want to risk the chance of being on a date at another time once or many times more, there are things that you should or should not do. Read on and find out the things we highly recommend that you should NOT do on your first date.

1. Do not be arrogant.

Arrogance and being a show-off is a definite turn off. Whether you’re a man or woman, there’s nothing really to like about arrogance. Try your best to be as humble as you can – don’t go over the top too because it might come across as fake. While it’s okay to say what you do, it isn’t necessary to talk about your long list of achievements, especially on the first date.

2. Do not talk about sensitive issues.

Sensitive issues include politics, religion, homosexuality (unless you’re a gay couple going out on a first date), current issues that are controversial, etc. Talk about like in general instead. Talk about yourselves, again without being too arrogant. Contradicting opinions and views might just make you lose the chance for that second date.

3. Do not show up unprepared.

TURBO POWER 3200 TWIN TURBO DRYER REVIEWFinally, you should not show up unprepared. Take a little more time choosing the right clothes to wear and setting your hair – no need to go to the salon because there’s nothing that a reliable hair dryer and brush cannot do for you. Don’t push it too much though. If you’re going out when the sun is still up, don’t wear your evening dress and full makeup. If you’re going on a casual restaurant, don’t show up wearing a suit. Prepare to look good but don’t go too hard on it.

4. Do not talk about your past relationships.

Unless you are asked, go ahead and say something about your ex. However, don’t go into details. Nobody wants to hear you go on and on about how bad or awesome your ex was, on your first date.

5. Do not share your real feelings yet – if you already have feelings.

Some people have serious feelings already about the other on a first date. If you’re one of those, don’t say it out loud yet. Tell him or her you love her already and you might just send signals that you’re a creep.

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How to Lose Weight in Seven Days, for Real!

Posted by Waldorf on March 16, 2016 (Comments Closed)

Health and fitness are such important aspects of human life that so many people are taking their time, exerting a lot of effort and spending much of their hard-earned cash just to look and feel good. Though our physical appearance might just be secondary to what’s inside us or the goodness of our heart, it won’t be a bad thing at all if we want to be fit, healthy and look good.

While many of us struggle to lose weight all our lives, there are a few lucky others who simply just munched on two more slices of pizza or indulged in tubs of ice cream for days. This resulted in belly fat or just minimal weight gain which might not be too big of a gain but just as difficult to get rid of. If you have an event to go to next week such as a wedding or your prom and you want to look extra nice with the lovely dress you are going to wear, it’s not bad at all that you want to lose the extra pounds you gained. If you need to lose weight and you need to lose fast, here are highly effective tips that will help you do so within just seven days!

1. Watch what you drink.

Fitness experts give different pieces of advice but there’s always one in common – drink lots of water. If you used to drink just a few bottles or glasses of water per day, double that or even drink triple that amount. Water will help detoxify your body and cleanse out all the oil, cholesterol and bad sugar that’s stored inside your body. Put a stop to drinking soda and for now, you can replace fruit juices with water instead. Fruit juice might be healthy but no matter how fresh it is, you must know that it still has sugar content which will still help in weight gain. Instead of having dairy products including coffee with cream, have a cup of black coffee instead. Yes, it may be bitter at first but you will get used to it. Better yet, if you must have something warm, have a cup of green tea which will help boost your metabolism.

2. Eat less and choose healthy over junk.

Exercise is only secondary to what you eat when you’re aiming to lose weight. In fact, you can just eat less and not exercise and you will already see a difference in your body. Eat more vegetables and get rid of the junk food. Lessen down the carbs and have a quarter of a slice of steak rather than the full serving. Eat frequently but in small servings so you won’t get hungry.

3. Exercise every day.

FitDesk FDX 2.0 Desk Exercise Bike ReviewTake time to sweat every day. It’s just seven days anyway. Wake up a bit earlier and spend an hour on the exercise bike. With all that sweat, you are guaranteed to lose at least a few kilos especially if you use the one I’m using. It’s the bike I saw first at Indoor Training Bikes and I am sold! If you get used to it, then even better because after you lost the weight you wanted to get rid of, you can start gaining muscles and strength you absolutely need.

4. Get a lot of rest and do not stress yourself out.

Finally, the most important part of this set of tips – rest. You need to sleep. Forget about the stressful things in your life for now. When you are well-rested, you will have the energy to exercise. You won’t crave for junk or too much sugar when you are not stressed out. You can better motivate yourself to lose weight when you are refreshed.